Vehicle Tent

Do you want more information about those tents you’ve seen strapped onto the roof of people’s cars? Here at TentBox, we sell and supply vehicle tents that are the perfect companion for any road trip or camping experience. All our tents come with an included ladder plus a memory foam mattress. Browse TentBox to find out more information!

What Is a Vehicle Tent?

Are you wondering what a vehicle tent is? Is it a tent that your vehicle can sleep in? That would be nice to give your vehicle some rest, but the tent is for human purposes only! It’s basically a tent that you can strap on to the roof of your vehicle and travel around with it.

Our TentBox can be easily secured to the roof of your car with an easy to understand installation guide that we provide for you. Furthermore, you can view videos of how to set up your car roof tent on our website to ensure it’s installed correctly for your safety. You want to make sure it’s firmly strapped as you don’t want it becoming loose as you’re driving away! The tent can pop-up in seconds and can stay atop your vehicle as you’re blazing down the highway if it’s securely strapped in.

Hard Shell TentBox

Our hard shell tent for vehicles are the perfect choice for you if you’re thinking of going on the road for a while. This TentBox provides all-round quality and is manufactured from fibreglass to ensure a strong shell that will protect you from the elements. Once your tent has been popped up for you to sleep in, you don’t need to worry about rain as the fabric that is used is waterproof, therefore, you can have a dry, comfortable nights sleep. Speaking of comfort, all our hard shell tents come with a memory foam mattress included, in addition to a ladder to give you a pleasant camping experience fit for two people! Furthermore, our hard shell vehicle tent weighs just 155 pounds and will fit most vehicles.

Why Buy Through TentBox?

All our vehicle tents are available to purchase in split payments at 0% interest, for all of those who wish to spread the cost. We also accept deposits to ensure you secure your tent on a pre-order when we are getting more stock in. If you change your mind and want a different product, we will happily fully refund your deposit to you. Not many other companies will do this for you…

TentBox will always ensure that all vehicle tents are made to the highest quality; every tent needs to pass our high standards before we hand them over to you. Furthermore, ordering through us ensures that you receive your TentBox within 3-7 days anywhere in the USA; therefore, you can go ahead and book your trip before your TentBox has even arrived!

What To Do If There’s an Issue?

All our TentBox’s come with one-year manufactures warranty, therefore, if for any reason there is a fault or problem when you receive the product, we will rectify the problem for you free of charge! If your warranty runs out and you have a problem with the straps or any of the fixtures and fittings, we have the perfect solution for you. Our online shop sells all the fixture and fittings separately if you ever need any spares or replacements!

Getting Your TentBox

Getting your vehicle tent is as simple as ordering from our website and getting it delivered to your front door in 3-7 days anywhere in the USA! Alternatively, you can have it delivered to our base in Nevada absolutely free! If you have any further questions regarding our vehicle rooftop tents, get in touch with us online or email