Tents for Cars

Thinking about going on that awesome road trip that you’ve been dreaming about for a life time? But you want to do it in style and comfort? Check out the tents for cars that we offer here at TentBox to make your dream road trip a reality. Our tents fit on almost any vehicle, including both cars and vans, pops up in seconds and come with a luxurious memory foam mattress big enough for two – giving you the best night sleep ever whilst on the road. 

The Best Tents for Cars

When you embark on your once-in-a-lifetime road trip you want peace of mind knowing that your journey is going to be a memorable one for all the right reasons and with our sleek, super strong tents for cars you can rest assured that you’ll be able to travel from each location with ease whilst also getting the best night sleep from the comfort of your TentBox car tent.  

Our tents sit securely on top of your car whilst you travel around; simply close down the tent in a matter of minutes by following the instructions provided and you’re ready to move on to your next location.  The TentBox Roof Top Tent also offers a super sleek, streamline design to ensure it’s as aerodynamic as possible whilst you’re travelling.  


The TentBox Roof Top Tent is manufactured from a super-strong fiberglass shell making in robust and long lasting and will stay secure in driving speeds of up to 70mph; no need to stress about it falling off mid-drive or being damaged in testing weather condition. With the correct installation our tents can withstand it all. 

We only sell tents for cars which are superior quality; we don’t believe in anything less. On top of this, all our roof top car tents are CE safety tested and come with a 1 year guarantee.


Why get a Roof Top Tent for your Car?

If you’re planning a driving road trip then a roof top tent is the way to go. Whether your road trip is month’s long travelling state-to-state or just a weekend trip away out into the wilderness, there is nothing more annoying than having to spend hours setting up a standard tent, to then have to spend the whole night sleeping on a cold, damp and hard ground. You then have to reverse the whole process and undertake the laborious task of dismantling your tent a couple of hours later whilst also being tired from your sleepless and uncomfortable night’s sleep. Then repeat this process night after night throughout your road trip and all of a sudden it’s memorable but for all the wrong reasons.

Setting up a standard tent repeatedly wastes so much of your valuable time when you could be spending that time adventuring or chilling out. Having a tent fitted to the roof of your car is a way to escape this. The TentBox Roof Top Tent can be easily fitted within a couple of minutes and once completed the tent can be erected within a matter of seconds. Allowing you to spend your valuable time doing whatever you love best.

The TentBox Roof Top Tent is also an awesome space saver allowing you to pack more of what you want for your road trip; as the tent is fitted to your roof, there is no need to keep it scrunched up in your trunk. On top of this, the TentBox can also save you money; it acts as a mobile home for you whilst you travel meaning there is no need to spend money on expensive hotels or other accommodation.

Creepy crawlies did you say? No need to worry about waking up in the middle of the night to a creepy crawly biting your back. Being on top of your car means that you’re a decent height above the ground that no insect is going to bother you.

Furthermore, there have been studies that show sleeping higher up can help you get to sleep easier. So, all you avid campers who struggle with insomnia, a roof top car tent may be a good way to get some of your best night’s sleep whilst on the road. As well as a better night sleep, our luxurious memory foam mattress will provide the most comfortable nights’ sleep.

Why TentBox?

TentBox aims to provide you with the best customer care before, during, and after purchasing your new roof top car tent through us. Therefore, we will do our best to assist you with any enquires that you may have and will answer any questions to the best of our knowledge. As we are a family founded business you can rest assured that TentBox is run by real people that care about our customers. 

How to Purchase your TentBox Car Tent

If you’ve decided that getting a roof top car tent is the way forward, then visit TentBox today and browse our range of tents for cars. Alternatively if you have any questions you can email us at support@tent-box.com for any enquires that you may have. We know that speaking to a human over the cell is a much better way to get information, therefore, you can request us to give you a call back via our contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you and keep adventuring more!