Break From the Road with a TentBox

Here it is, our TentBox taking pride of place on an SUV – Volkswagen Tiguan. The day may be misty and wet, but that doesn’t stop the adventures to be had with the TentBox. As the TentBox is popped up, the rain just falls right off the super sleek exterior shell and runs down the fabric, without anything getting wet inside! It’s the perfect place to camp on a wet, cold day to ensure that you stay warm and dry in your tent on your SUV, Volkswagen Tiguan.

The TentBox is the ultimate place to sleep, however, it isn’t just a place to sleep; it is the perfect place to sit down and chill out after a fun-filled day. Here, the TentBox is enjoying the view of a beautiful lake, which is easily accessible as you can park up right next to it. Due to the cliffs and vegetation, you can enjoy a peaceful swim in the still waters without seeing the cars pass by.

The clifftops offer a great place to explore, who knows what you’ll find at the top, but it’ll certainly reward you for the hike up the steep paths as you’ll get to enjoy a spectacular view from above. After your hike down the cliffs, you get to relax in your TentBox on your Volkswagen Tiguan!

This is also a perfect place if you want to take a break from driving for a bit. If it’s sunny, you can prop up a picnic basket and a blanket on the grass. If you have no blanket or if it’s bad weather, there’s somewhere else you can sit…yup, the tent on your Volkswagen Tiguan! It’s just perfect for any occasion as it can stay strapped on your car roof all year round!