Roof Tents

Camping in the wilderness or going on a road trip can be one of the best experiences, especially if you are accompanied by roof tents. A car roof tent is a tent that sits atop your car as you drive around! It can pop up within seconds and can be the perfect, convenient place to sleep or to just relax as you’re spending time in nature. Visit TentBox for more information on our revolutionary vehicle tents.

What are Car Roof Tents?

To many a car is a best friend; it takes you where you want to go, joins you on your experiences and knows a lot about you with the time that you spend together. A car can be even better as it can support another fantastic travelling companion; the TentBox! TentBox is our brand for car roof tents which is simply a tent that is strapped onto the roof of your car. What makes our rooftop tents special is that they pop-up within seconds, can be securely strapped atop your car and can accompany you on all your travels. Our roof tents even come with a luxurious memory foam mattress to provide you with the ultimate comfort.

What does the TentBox Feature?

The main product that we have on offer is the hard shell roof top tent. It features our memory foam mattress that sleeps two with plenty of room spare for another travelling companion, for example, a dog! There is even room spare to place essential belongings in the pouches on the sides.

This ultimate hard shell roof tent is sleek and can be compacted as you drive along in your car. It is coated in a super-strong fibreglass shell to keep it protected from the wind and the rain when it’s not in use. When the TentBox is popped up, you can rest assured that on a windy, rainy day you’ll remain dry and warm. This is because the strong shell remains on top to keep you dry as the rain just rolls off it away from the fabric of your tent.

The fabric walls of the roof tents are made of a 320gsm rip-stop poly-cotton canvas with an external PU coating. What this means is that not only is the fibreglass shell waterproof, but the fabric is too! It protects you from the wind on the outside to provide you with insulation, but it is breathable from the inside.

Have you experienced those mornings as the sun blazes through your curtains and wakes you up at an unholy hour in the morning as it burns your eyes? You throw the duvet over your head to block it out but then you find you have problems breathing due to the stuffiness. We all hate those mornings which is why we’ve made the material block out some of the sunlight to allow you to sleep in until you want to wake up!

The great outdoors has many views to see, from flowers and mountains to the starlit sky at night; the world is a beautiful place if you take the time to enjoy it. We don’t want you to miss any of this, which is why our roof tents come with makeshift windows! Just sit back, relax and lift the fabric of the windows up to see the beautiful sights around you; it’ll be the experience of a lifetime as you focus on only the sheer beauty of the earth.

Our roof tents are superior in every way!

Installation of the TentBox

The TentBox can be easily strapped securely to your car roof with the correct installation. We don’t want your TentBox to bounce away as you begin to drive, therefore, we’ve made the installation super easy. Even if DIY isn’t your forte, anyone can install the TentBox themselves and a buddy to help lift, with our easy design and detailed installation guide. Our roof tents fit almost any vehicle; we will supply you with everything you need except the bars for your roof which you can find on RoofBox. For an in-depth guide of the installation, we have a detailed written and video guide to help you along the way.

Receiving your TentBox

You can get everything you need for your car roof tent on our website with your tent arriving at your door between 3 and 7 days! We offer you flexibility with payment plans; you can even pay the full amount upon checkout, or we can set you up onto a payment plan that allows you to spread the costs throughout the year at 0% interest! To get the tent of your dreams, order from TentBox today!