Car Top Tent

Make camping fun again with a car top tent that offers convenience, comfort, practicality and a stress-free camping experience. There’s nothing worse than your tent flooding or the guy lines being uprooted from the heavy winds and rain; our TentBox is the sure way to avoid these disasters. Visit TentBox for more information on our selection of car roof tents available.

What is a Car Top Tent?

A car top tent is exactly what it says on the tin; a tent that goes on top of your car! It isn’t just your standard everyday tent that will be weirdly placed on the roof of your car, it’s a special kind of tent… a TentBox! It can be strapped onto the roof of your car securely that resembles a cozy box shape as it’s popped up. As you’re driving along, it’s secure inside a sleek, fiberglass shell to ensure everything inside remains dry. You can even leave your mattress and duvet inside when it’s packed away as you drive along!


The Advantages of a Car Rooftop Tent

 The advantages of having a car top tent are vast, and a TentBox will be a welcome addition to anyone. But what makes them so great?

  • They look cool – You can get all kinds of different tents in all shapes and sizes. Our TentBox that we have on offer, is super sleek, box-shaped and looks cool; many people will compliment you on the awesome tent that you have on top of your car as it’s a great crowd pleaser. Plus, it makes for great, quirky pictures that you can show off.
  • Weatherproof – Due to its hard, fiberglass roof, rainwater will just slide off the curved edges and fall to the floor. If there are strong winds which causes the rain to hit the sides of the fabric, then no need to worry; the fabric is also waterproof! The fabric is made up of 320gsm rip-stop poly-cotton canvas, with an external PU coating, which means that not only is it waterproof, but it’s wind resistant, breathable and thicker than a normal tent so you can remain rain free and warm all night long.
  • Superior Comfort – As you are in a car top tent, you don’t have to worry about the lumps and bumps that come with sleeping on the ground; you will have a completely smooth surface to sleep on. Furthermore, all our tents come with a memory foam mattress for you to enjoy superior comfort all night long.
  • Security – There are many beautiful, secluded areas to explore in the states where you can camp to your leisure. However, you never know what wildlife you may encounter on your travels. If you’re in a tent on the ground, you’re exposed to everything from insects to bears with nothing to protect you. Being high above the ground, there is a much lower risk of insects or a curious bear bothering you as you’re too hard to reach.
  • Easy Set-up – I don’t know about you, but one of the worst things about camping is the time it takes to put up your tent and the effort you must go through as you hammer the pegs into the soil. Afterwards, all you want to do is relax for a bit instead of enjoying your surroundings and being active. With a car top tent, it pops up within seconds with very little effort, therefore, you can engage in all the exploration and fun activities that your heart desires.
  • Storage Space – Whether you’re going camping, or planning a trip away with a tent, it takes up a lot of space in your boot, even if it’s completely compacted. With our TentBox, it’s securely strapped onto the roof of your car. This gives you all the space of your boot to fill with anything you’d like!
    These are just a few of the benefits that a car top tent gives you. Once you experience a night in a rooftop tent, you’ll never go back.

Where to Get a Car Roof Tent

The brand of the car top tent that we supply is TentBox; this is the superior car rooftop tent that everyone should be able to experience. To get one for yourself, visit TentBox where you can secure your product with a refundable deposit. You can also pay for your tent over 12 months, interest-free! Once you receive it, you’ll have no regrets.