Best Rooftop Tent

Rooftop tents are the new way to enjoy the great outdoors, whether you are going camping for the weekend, or going on a road trip, having a rooftop tent will make your experience the best it possibly could be. Here at TentBox, we can supply you with the best rooftop tents to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime whilst being protected from the elements of the earth.

A Rooftop Tent You Say?

Yes, we supply rooftop tents for your vehicle. But not only do we supply them, our roof top tents are the No.1 roof tent around!

When you go on a trip, your car is one of your best friends as you’re more than likely to take it with you every time, so why not add another buddy? Our amazing rooftop tent sits securely on the roof of your car even as you’re blazing down the highway with the winds breezing against it. It can be popped up within seconds, then easily folded back down. You can easily keep it erect for long periods of time, then pop it back down again whilst on the road. But no need to worry about having to set it up all over again; you’ll just need the same few seconds to pop it up again!

Why Do I Want a Rooftop Tent?

A car rooftop tent may seem like an odd thing to have, why not just get a normal tent like everyone else?

Nobody wants to be like everyone else, it’s great to stand out from the crowd but for a good reason. We have the best rooftop tent to get everyone talking about you and seething in jealousy that they don’t have one. It looks cool, it’s easy plus it’s super practical; once you get a rooftop tent, you just won’t want to go back to anything else.

Camping in the wilderness is an amazing experience, you get to be one with nature, let go of your stress and listen to the pleasant chirping of nature at night. But there are downsides that come with being one with nature.

Firstly, there’s the issue of bugs crawling inside your tent every time you unzip the door and it’s a never-ending battle to the point that you’re desperate for the toilet but refuse to go out as you don’t want to come back to a bed full of insects. You’re then lying awake all night, getting irritated with the grass mound sticking in your back and come morning, you feel like you’ve gotten no sleep at all. Our TentBox is the cure-all for a situation like this. Being high above the ground, you can feel safe leaving your tent, knowing that there isn’t going to be an icky insect waiting for you to come back and there will be no lumps and bumps digging into your back. If you’re wondering how you can get into your tent being that high up, we supply you with a ladder to safely mount and dismount your car!

Next, there’s the issue with wind and rain; sometimes you just can’t avoid it. You can check the weather forecast and they’ll promise you sunshine and roses but suddenly, the heavens will open and there will be a downpour, enough to soak you through completely. This rain is often accompanied by gale force winds that want to wreck everything in their path. Parts of your tent can go flying and you may find that you have a growing puddle that you’re sitting in. Our Tent is the best rooftop tent to combat this. Being up high, you don’t have to worry about a flood as the rain is going to slide down the car onto the ground beneath. The tent is securely strapped onto the roof of your car; therefore, you don’t have to worry about it blowing away as the weight of your car will stop it from going anywhere!

You can enjoy a peaceful night in our TentBox with an included memory foam mattress to ensure you have the best camping trip.

Getting Your Vehicle Rooftop Tent

All our tents are available to view and purchase on our website. Your best rooftop tent can also be purchased in part payments at 0% interest! We want to ensure that everyone can enjoy our TentBox with our payment plan. If you want to secure our popular vehicle tents, you can pay a deposit as a down payment that is completely refundable if you change your mind! For more information on any of the products we have on offer, visit our online shop.