TentBox Side Awning


TentBox Side Awning

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The TentBox Side Awning, is the perfect way to complete your camp; offering shelter from the rain or sun. This piece of gear is well constructed, and only takes a minute to set-up.

You can attach it in two ways: 

1. Directly to your cross bars, but you’ll have to shift your TentBox to one side to make a little room for it.

2. If you have a TentBox Cargo, you can mount it directly to the unit, using these Awning Brackets.

  • Brackets to mount to your cross bars included, but different cross bars need different brackets. We have lots of different brackets, so please send us a picture of your set-up, so we can send you the right ones!


Width: 2m
Length: 2.5m
Max height: 2.4m (extendable legs)