TentBox Classic Final Balance (16th August Dispatch)

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TentBox Classic Final Balance (16th August Dispatch)

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1 min
Set-Up time

64.5 kgs

Main material

Pack Size

2 year Warranty

Fits any vehicle


Sleeps 2

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Customer Reviews
  • “Our Tentbox is incredible – has revolutionised our adventures and easily fits my 6ft something partner! So, so glad we got this!”

    Rachel Ross

  • “Sometimes a product comes along and you just know that it’s right for you. As soon as I saw TentBox I knew my wife and I had to have one and 6 months in we’re loving it (even in the Scottish winter)”

    Dave Stewart

  • “Great product and very pleased with my purchase. I look forward to travelling around Europe soon with my TentBox.”

    Ariyan Alimadadi