Our simple clamping system makes fitting your TentBox really easy.
If you would like us to fit your TentBox, contact our team to find out about our installation options.

A TentBox will fit on most vehicles, as long as you have two cross bars which are at least 80cm apart (cross bars are the ones that run from the right to left of your vehicle, as shown in the diagram below).

You can get cross bars for pretty much any vehicle. If you don’t have cross bars, you can find the right ones by entering your vehicle make and model here. Make sure they are rated to carry the weight of the TentBox model you are buying.

Installing a TentBox is a simple job, but you will require two people to lift it onto your vehicle. 

Once on top of your vehicle, the TentBox is clamped directly onto your roof bars at 4 points, using the provided fixing kit.

There are rails that run along the underside of the TentBox which allow the position of the 4 clamps to be adjusted, to match the distance between your roof bars. The pictures and video below show how the clamping system works.

1. The fixing kit: 8x plates, 8x bolts, 8x nuts, 1x spanner. Check you have all the parts.

2. Slide the bolts into the plate as shown, then slide the plate into the rail.

3. Continue pushing the plate along the rail until you reach the cross bar.

4. Apply another plate to clamp the TentBox to the roof bar, using the nuts provided. Repeat this 3 more times around your vehicle.

For full fitting instructions, download the PDF file here: