View from TentBox

The TentBox is perhaps the most un-tentlike roof top tent model you’ll find if you’re looking for something a bit different to use on your travels, but the fact it’s like a box only adds to its charm, and you won’t be short of curious campers asking you questions about it, either. If, like us, you love to travel and want a comfortable, yet compact camping space to do it in, then look no further.

There are a number of advantages to using a TentBox, from the very practical (think easy access and taking your tent with you on the go) to the comfort (deep, soft, memory foam mattress and a smaller space to keep warm) to the versatility of being able to sleep no matter where you’ve parked up. Wild camping is easier without a doubt when it’s just you and your vehicle to think about.

Accessorizing Your TentBox
Our TentBoxes have been designed to be lightweight, aerodynamic whilst travelling and practical once erected but it doesn’t end there. OK so you can’t really attach an awning, but there are still options to ensure your TentBox is both stylish and practical at the same time.

• Lights – why not get some battery operated or solar lights and put them around the TentBox. This will not only look nice once dusk falls, but will also allow people to see your outfit in the dark.
• Flags – be patriotic! Flags draped around the TentBox only add to its charm and would be a conversation starter with other campers.
• Spraypaint – our hard shell TentBoxes are just crying out for a bit of customization. Show off your best graffiti or keep it simple, the choice is yours!
• Theme – decorate the inside to your heart’s content. Why not always keep one particular set of bedcovers for your TentBox (dinosaurs, anyone?) and then add your own special touches inside such as your favourite books and magazines in the roof net. You could even add in a portable radio, a torch or your favourite portable games console.
• Don’t forget the ladder – this can also be accessorized with paint, flags or lights if you’re of the mind.

Other Accessories
The beauty of the TentBox is that you’ve still got your boot free, so don’t forget the other essentials such as:

• Camping chairs & table
• Extra blankets (matching your bedding of course)
• BBQ (standard)
• First aid kit
• More pillows
• Whatever else you need for a great camping vacation

However you choose to TentBox, we know you’ll love it as much as we do!