Road TripPossibly THE best thing about owning a TentBox is having the ability to just set off whenever you fancy to explore the surrounding world further. With a TentBox roof top tent, you are in control of where you park up to sleep! But, even last-minute vacations mean that you need a few essentials before you go.

We have listed them below for you – why not print off or bookmark this page to come back to time and time again; we’re sure you will find this list very handy!

It goes without saying but always have plenty of water around in your vehicle. Not only is water essential for you to stay hydrated, it might also come in handy for your vehicle in case of overheating or if you are stuck in unexpected traffic!

First Aid Kit
Bugs, bites, stings and scrapes are all occupational hazards of the trip. It’s worthwhile to have a well-stocked first aid kit with you to ensure you can tend to any minor incidents. Make sure you keep a spray can of bug repellent with you too; it’s best to have it and never use it than to not have it at all!

Protection from the sun
Sun block and sun hats are essential – we all know how hot the sun is! Don’t be caught short without! Sun hats are great for when you are driving as they can provide you with shade for your eyes on the road as well as keeping you from burning your scalp when out in the sunshine.

Car Shades
When you’ve parked up and you are about to go exploring, be sure to protect the car along with anything you’re leaving in it with car window shades. These shades will not only keep the car a lot cooler, they will also obscure what you leave in your vehicle, so any would be thieves can’t see directly into it. That’s not to say that you should leave valuables directly in view on the back seat though of course!

Food, and more food!
Of course, it goes without saying to take food with you! You might be planning to eat out a lot or eat on the road, but it is a good idea to pack some snacks in the car that you can eat in between meals. Also, it is important to plan for many eventualities – you could breakdown or run into unexpected vehicle difficulties and having spare snacks could be important. Try not to pack too much chocolate (chocolate + sun + heat = a sticky mess ya’ll!) and instead pack cereal bars, dried fruits and savoury snacks.

We love to hear from you guys when you’ve been out on the road in your TentBox – send us pictures of your essential road trip items and we may feature them on our blog in the future!