Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I buy a TentBox?

At TentBox, we produce car roof tents at an affordable price, without compromising on quality.

TentBox is designed in the UK, has full CE safety certification and is delivered straight to your door. If you change your mind within 30 days of purchasing, you can return TentBox as long as it’s still unboxed and unused.

Get one and adventure more.

Can my car roof / roof bars take the weight of a TentBox?

A TentBox will work with pretty much any vehicle. Remember, MINI produces a car roof tent for their vehicles, and we all know how small MINI’s are!

Just check with your roof bar / vehicle manual, to make sure you are ok to carry the weight of the TentBox. To find out about the weight of the people sleeping in it, read the next FAQ down!

Can my car roof / roof bars take the weight of a TentBox with two people inside it?


Generally, the maximum weight shown in your vehicle/roof bar manual refers to dynamic loads.

A dynamic load limit refers to the maximum weight allowed whilst your vehicle is moving, a vehicle can actually take much larger loads when it is stationary. This is because when moving, bends, acceleration and braking all exert lateral forces on the top of your vehicle, but when your vehicle is stationary only a downward force is being exerted into the car frame. Car frames are designed to withstand a force large enough to protect you in a crash, so can take a lot of weight.

As you won’t have people in your TentBox when you are moving, you only need to consider the weight of the TentBox when checking the dynamic load limit for your vehicle.

Remember, MINI produces a car roof tent for their vehicles, and we all know how small MINI’s are!

Will TentBox fit on my vehicle?

As long as you have cross bars which are spaced at least 80cm apart, you can mount a TentBox on your vehicle. Have a look at our installation page for more info.

Can I set up my TentBox on my own?
Installing a TentBox takes two people, as you need to lift it onto the roof of your vehicle. However, once it’s installed, it only takes one person to open and close it, ready for a great nights sleep!
I would like to fit my TentBox to a 4x4 vehicle, are there any special requirements?
Due to the extra forces exerted on the TentBox when taking a vehicle off-road, we recommend using three cross bars instead of the usual two.
What are the dimensions of TentBox?

Check out our Tech Specs page for this info.

How many people fit in a TentBox?

TentBox comfortably fits two adults. The interior is the same size as a small double bed.

What is the maximum speed I can travel with a TentBox on my vehicle?
We recommend a maximum speed of 70mph when driving with a TentBox. Remember, you must always adhere to the legal speed limit too.
Can I lock my TentBox to my roof?

Understandably, a lot of customers are concerned about thieves.

The shear size and difficulty of removal is one deterrent for thieves, but if you want to further protect your TentBox from being unbolted from the roof of your vehicle, we would recommend using a set of T-Groove nuts. These nuts can only be removed with a special key (provided when you purchase the nuts), and not a traditional spanner. This makes it much more difficult for a thief to remove it. Make sure you add these bolts in addition to the existing bolts, which are provided with your TentBox, and NOT instead of them.

Here is an example of a T-Groove nut:

If you are concerned about the contents within your TentBox, your best option is to use a locking strap around your TentBox, like this one:

Will a TentBox fit on a small car / hatchback?

Yes! As long as your vehicle and roof rack are rated to carry the weight of the TentBox, and you have roof bars, you can safely install a TentBox on your hatchback. We’ve had these on some pretty small cars!

How are TentBox products so much more affordable than other roof tents?

Many people ask us how TentBox roof tents are so affordable compared to the other brands. The short answer is that we are a modern company, operating online, and shipping directly to our customers. This cuts out the middle-man, and saves a lot of time and cost!

We also like keep our designs simple, so as not to unnecessarily increase the manufacturing costs – we don’t have fancy things like in-built fans for example!

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